Im experiencing a problem where MSI bundles will take anywhere from 5-10+ min to download. Most of these apps are <50MB and take a very long time to download. Previous to this I was working with Apps in a different container and they all went problems. In this school's container, they are all slow. On the same system I have install an MSI from the other container and its fine. If I try to install one of the MSIs from this container its really slow. Most of them go quickly up to 50% and then they slow way down from there. NAL refreshes do not seem slow, only the MSI downloads.

Also, whats weird (and not sure if this is related or not) is that if I view the relationships for the user they all say "Windows Bundle". But if I look at the apps from the bundle folder, thats not the case - some say simple application, which is what some of them are.

Id appreciate any help anybody has.