Running ZCM 10.3 Appliance. I cannot figure out how to get a Windows
7 64 bit image to work properly. The steps I used with ZfD7 and
Windows XP do not work and the docs I am finding for ZCM don't seem to
work either.

* Install Windows 7 on PC1.
* Install Novell Client and Zenworks Agent.
* Take an Image.
* Apply Image to PC2.
* Login to PC2.
* The Adaptive Agent Device Name is still listed as PC1 and PC2 does
not register with ZCM.

The docs say to use "zac fsg -d" prior to taking the image. So I
tried that and it did not change anything.

I never used sysprep on XP, but I tried that on Win7. That just
forced me on startup to set some Windows options that I had already
specified in the original image, but the Agent still did not get the
correct name.

Can someone point me to the correct steps to do this? I have
searched, but I can't seem to find it spelled out anywhere. Thanks!