We are having a problem accessing one specific site from various computers
on the network. The site is, Sysco Foods electronic
order site.

When we access the site, the login page is displayed. We enter our
username/password. That brings up a page with a continue link. Clicking
the link should take you to the order screen.

Sometimes we get the screen, other times we get tossed back to the login
screen. If we get the order screen, we may be tossed out later. There
doesn't seem to be a pattern to when we get tossed back to the login screen.

Our BM server is running Netware 6, SP3 with BM 3.7SP2 FP2e, TCP v 6.16.15
(7/28/03). Proxy configured using Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg v10. I see
that SP3 has recently been released. I'll try installing it and see what

I have added the site to the list not to cache in NWAdmin.

Any suggestions on what to look for? I am pulling my hair out trying to
figure this one out. I can't find anything in the configuration of the
proxy that could cause behavior like this. We've tried accessing the site
from multiple machines, different OS, and different versions of IE.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Steve Barr
Madison Local School District