We're doing a move from one server to another in the same network/tree
for archieve purposes.

So,,what we want to do is to NOT keep the rights, instead a
admin-group will have read+write rights on the new server and everyone
else read-only access.

What Im testing with right now is to use trustee.nlm and do a
scheduled, re-occuring task that more or less do a;


which will remove all trustee's from \test and below,

Then, we will have admin-group and "everyone else" have
their rights set directly on VOLUMES:\test

And, by that they will inherit the read or write rights depedning on
which group their in.

Just checking if im in the right direction,
we need this to be very "auto" so it can run as a scheduled task
and since all additions over time will be placed from the same start
dir; VOLUME:\test\dok, then if it works, we won't need to know names
of dir's, files,etc that will end up there in advance...