I'm going to install 3 primary servers for 3000 clients with an external certificate, MSSQL Database and Windows 2008 R2.

I'm wondering about what to backup and how to recover a complet ZCM system after a crash.

I know about how to backup ans restore an MSSQL Database.
I will also backup the content-repo, the external certificat and the server configuration using "zman zenserver-backup".

But the question is : how to restore the whole system in case :

1) One primary server crash.
2) The all system is down (3 servers).

It is enough to (case 1?):

- Install a new, fresh server
- Copy certificate
- Install ZCM using the existing MSSQL Database
- Restore the old server configuration
- Restore the content-repo

Will the restored content-repo be automatically in sync with the two others after a restore?
If not, is it better not to restore the content-repo and copy it from another server?

For the case number 2, it is enoug to :

- Restore the first primary server with all steps above.
- Then restore the second server and the last one (or make a fresh installation of both servers and sync the content-repo from the restored server?)

Also, what if I need to restore a previous version of the database? Just retore it is enough?

Thanks in advance.