Hi there, I'm having some issues client trust on windows 95 running with
bordermanager 3.8. I recently installed a bordermanager 3.8 server onto a
site that I'm working on. The server was installed on brand new hardware
as a replacement for the BM 3.7 server that was previously used.

The install went really well, thanks mainly to the excellent Craig Johnson
pdf that gets supplied on the BM 3.8 install CD. All services are up and
functioning and the server is behaving itself.

All the Win2K and XP clients are authenticating to the BM 3.8 server using
SSO, however the win95 clients do not authenicate automatically even
though the correct version of client trust is loaded on the PC. The 95
clients display the SSL login screen in the internet browser and the
client trust display shows that client trust is connected to the right
server but shows a rapidly increasing number of failed requests. You can
login to BM 3.8 with the SSL screen and get to the internet. However the
users here are particularly stupid and don't seem to understand the SSL
login screen.

I though the problem was being caused by an old version of the Win 9x
client (We are using 3.32 SP1) so I SPed a machine with 3.32 SP2, but this
didn't solve the problem. I am going to try using the 3.4 client next but
I thought I would post a message on the forums to see if anyone had seen
this problem before.

FYI the following conditions are present in this install.

eDirectory 8.7.3 on all servers, the BM3.8 server has a replica of root as
well as the partition of the container where the server is installed
(followed Craig Johnson's advice).

NetWare 6.5 on the BM server installed with SP1a overlay CD's. No further

BM 3.8 Gold install. The domestic version of TCPIP was installed on the
server from the BM 3.8 companion cd. I did remember to copy the updated
versions of clntrust and dwntrust to the public directory where the exe's
are run from in the login script.

The 2K clients are running a mix of 483 sp 1 and 4.9 sp1, but they all
work fine. The 9.x clients are running 3.32 sp1.

Any ideas welcome.

Andrew Matthews