Hello, I've a problem with username logging in COMMON logs.
This is a partial log (I've replaced the real UserName with USER.CONTEXT): - USER.CONTEXT [10/Feb/2004:07:41:41 +0100] "GET
http://developer.witango.com/modules...e/ftv2node.gif HTTP/1.0"
200 328 - - [10/Feb/2004:07:41:41 +0100] "GET
http://developer.witango.com/modules...ee/ftv2doc.gif HTTP/1.0"
200 381 - - [10/Feb/2004:07:41:41 +0100] "GET
HTTP/1.0" 200 323 - - [10/Feb/2004:07:41:41 +0100] "GET
http://developer.witango.com/modules.../ftv2pnode.gif HTTP/1.0"
200 315 - USER.CONTEXT [10/Feb/2004:07:41:47 +0100] "GET
http://developer.witango.com/modules.../ftv2mnode.gif HTTP/1.0"
200 311

As you can see the UserName is missing and replaced with - -
This happen several times in my logs, in different BM 3.7 Proxy Servers
I have.
- I use BorderManager 3.7 SP3 on NetWare 6 SP3 server (with TCP607L).
- I use proxy.cfg from Craig Johnson (tip #63).
- Enforce Access Rules is ENABLED
- Enable HTTP Proxy Authentication in ENABLED, I use SSO (Client Trust)
and SSL authentication.
- Authenticate Only when user attempts to access a restricted page in
- Enable Transparent Telnet Proxy Authentication is UNCHECKED
- Bordermanager Access Rules Allow Access Type: URL
- I only use BM HTTP Proxy service (no Reverse Proxy, no Socks Proxy...)

I've read several NovTIDs and thread on this NewsGroup about the
problem, it seems the problem was solved (?) with a (now) old Proxy
patch, but as you can see the problem is still here even with BM37SP3.
Any help is appreciate.