Not sure what is happening here. I have about 12 DNS servers (Netware 6.5 SP6) that have stopped getting updates for one of about 10 forward lookup zones.

More specifically, when I look in either iManager or the older DNS/DHCP management tool, I can see the new A records I'm entering. All looks to be fine. However, when I run NSLookup from a workstation and point to ANY of the DNS servers hosting the zone (including the server listed as the designated primary), I can't resolve records that were added in the last few weeks. All DNS servers are passive primary servers except for the designated primary. This is only happening on one zone. Other, similiarly configured zones seem to be fine.

Now, I have gone in and manually edited the zone.db file (good, bad or otherwise) and this does "fix" things for any one particular server. The changes still do not seem to replicate to other servers though. Also worth noting, the zone.db files do NOT reflect what I see in eDirectory with either the old DNS/DHCP management tool or iManager. The zone files appear to be several weeks old.

Any ideas on what I can do to restore eDirectory integrated DNS for this zone?