Currently we do not manage Home directories with Storage Manager (we have v2.5.2). One of my projects require that I setup provisioned Shared drives to store only one type of file, however, only specific people need the folders.

Our current setup in eDirectory:
* Each physical building has it's own OU with those staff under it
* A group (called "Smart") is where staff that require this "Smart" drive are added as members

I have tested creating a primary policy associated to the "Smart" group and it is working fine, however, when I added a primary policy to the container to manage Home Directories, it is not working and seems be be some kind of conflict with two primary policies for some of the users.

Another way I don't want to set this up is to create a primary policy to manage H drives and an auxiliary policy to create the folders for the "Smart" group in another volume. The problem with this is that only a select few in our district (maybe 15% of 3000 users) need the folder. This is a collaboration area where all of the "Smart" members can view everyone's files, but only RWEMD their own. We don't want the other 85% that will not be dropping files in there to have empty folders, since that will create a lot of confusion for people.

So, does anyone know if this can be done another way, or was the way I first tried using two primary policies the way to go?

Also note that these folders need to have the users name on it. We don't want them to create these folders themselves (because we need to control rights to the folders)