Hi All,

Ok, I have been working on this about a week now, slowly been getting FreeRadius working, then getting it to use Edirectory now I am am on the final steps( god I hope they are the final steps). I am trying to get the MS Supplicant to work with freeradius so I can use the builtin Novell 802.1x support. We also use the Cisco Secure Services client so I am able to test Radius and 802.1x via Cisco and Eap-MD5 as well as Eap-MSChapV2 work just fine under the Cisco client, the machine logs in and the computer is placed on the correct Vlan.

When I use the barebones Windows supplicant I do not get authenticated and the machine is dropped onto the guest network, the same happens with the Novell flavor as well. I am guessing that MS/Novell requires something else, like a Cert imported or something and I did import the ca.der cert from the Radius server for testing but I am still getting the same issue. The message I get back is that 802.1x authentication failed because there was a timeout during the authentication request.

Does anyone have the full definitive steps needed to get the Novell 802.1x supplicant working?