We recently performed a hardware refresh of our Novell NetWare 6.5 SP8 servers from aging IBM 8832 blades to slightly newer 8843 models. These models are both in the HS20 family of IBM blades (Xeon procs, broadcomm nics, qlogic fiber, etc). Both list support for NetWare 6.5. Our 8832's were old and out of support. The 8843's were the next best thing we had on-hand.

The refresh went well and all servers are operating fine, however there is one annoying problem. Whenever we have to reboot/restart a server, it hangs on the reboot. The server completely downs fine and unloads ds, dismounts sys, etc. The server just ends up in a black screen which we have to manually power cycle the box. A down server command works fine, in that is downs the server properly and powers off the blade.

The server is up to date on all bios updates. Hyperthreading is disabled.

This doesn't prevent us from running NetWare on these blades, in that we don't reboot often, but its nice to be able to reboot a server without having to remote into the bladecenter to power toggle the blade.

Any idea's?