I am trying to run a batch file through a scheduled task and am having problems. My windows client is an XP machine running Novell Client 4.91 sp4. The machine is in a workgroup and not joined to my domain. The batch file is running robocopy and comparing a directory on C:\ to a Novell Volume and copying any new files from C:\ up to the Novell Directory. When I execute this batch manually it completes succesfully. When I try to schedule a task it will not run, and task scheduler returns a result of 0x80. On other like machines that are joined to the domain the task will complete. When I set the run as for the task I am using the local machine administrator account which is different from the users Novell account. Could that be the problem? On my other machines in the domain the Novell/Domain/Local user account names are the same. On the workgroup machine they are not.

The workgroup machine logs in as SCCHT and into the local machine pccuser account.