At our main site we have a server called ZEN4 were we store our image files.
We have configured Satellite servers at our remote sites.
In Zenworks Control Center > Configuration > Server Hierarchy satellite servers appear under zen4.

Now what I want to achieve if possible is for zen4 to replicate it's data to the remote satellite servers mainly the .zmg image files.
I've played about with the settings but everytime I check c:\program files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\images folder on the remote satellites it is empty.
Is there anyway to config this so at say 11pm at night Zen4 sends it's latest image files to the remote satellites.

Also Zen4 contains all the software bundles.
I've been instructed to setup these satellites so they only copy bundles from ZEN4 when they need them.
So if at Remote Site A a workstation is assigned Office 2007 then the Satellite server at Remote Site A will contact ZEN4 at our main site and copy the Office 2007 bundle.
I doubt very much that this is possible and suspect I'll end up having to copy everything from ZEN4 to all remote satellites.

Any help will be appreciated not really enjoying this ZCM 10 experience at the moment.