Running 801 backend, with 703 Windows client.
Have created a resource for a conference room.
Set up rules for accepting and decline appointments following this article:
ICTS - GroupWise resources.
Only difference is that I to both accepting and decline rules added “Stop rule processing” as the finish action in the rules.
Problem is that when a user send an appointment to the resource and his request is declined because the room is already booked that specific hours, he (ofcourse) get the message that the room is already occupied, BUT the appointment shows up in his calendar with no sign that it is declined. If he click Properties on the appointment in the calendar, it says “declined”, but the appointment looks like accepted in the calendar. It does not show up in the calendar in the Resource, if declined, but it does in the users calendar.
Have anyone seen this behaviour? If so, how to get rid of it, and make the rules work as they should? Any tip appreciated.