Hey you peski kids.....

Right, I'm gonna cut our internet connection soon as it's all getting too

I'm trying to find a web access management solution which works properly. We
have a border manager 3.7 box running and providing our proxy services and
very well indeed. Also obviously, it plugs in to Edirectory seemlessly.

Now what I wan to be able to do is do URL checking and content filtering....
i.e. I want to be able to block certaing groups of users accessing certaing
web-sites AND downloading exe's and multimedia files over http.

Now I've looked at Surfcontrol, and it does the URL checking really well,
but is extremely expensive and won't blocks file types. I've also looked at
the standalone sniffer version of this but the network implications leave a
bit to be desired.

I've looked at NetIQ WebMarshall, which in all fairness does some really
cool stuf, but it is extremely slow at downloads, and doesn't offer seemles
authentication, although it does have good EDir compatability. Also it's a
non-caching proxy.

I've looked at chaining to WebSweeper, and again, there's no seemles

Now I can't be the only person in the world who wants to do this:

A) Easily
B) With a realisticly useable proxy afterwards (i.e. not taking 3 hours to
scan downloads)
C) Relatively Cheaply

Have you come across anything which does this well? I don't want to have to
ditch Border Manager.

Thanks for your Help in advance.....