currently, we are evaluating ZCM 10 SP3.

when creating MSI-Bundles that have a UNC-reference (both MSI and MST) on a
network drive (we tried NetWare 6.5 and OES2 SP1), we get an error message
saying that the MSI-package could not be found on the client.

We tried on Win7 and WinXP clients.
We tried also drive letters instead of (recommended) UNC.
The applications we tried to deploy where GroupWise 7 and Office2000.

It does not work!

When uploading the files to ZENworks Server (we tried with Adobe Reader and
Adobe Acrobat), the MSI-Packages can be deployed.

We do not want do upload all files required for GW7 and Office2000
deployment as the upload takes too long.

What are we doing wrong?