we have a very weird behavior when accessing messages in the Mailbox
folder with 660048 incoming messages and 48 outgoing messages.

We retrieve a reference to a draft message by creating it with the
following code:

Mail5 draftmsg =
(GroupwareTypeLibrary.Mail5)fgwaccMailBoxMessages. Add(message.ClassName,
null, null);

This works without problems and we get a Message object with a given
MessageID A.

Then after calling Refresh on that reference:


the MessageID suddenly changes and the Subject is filled. We found out
that the reference suddlny points at a completely different message,
because when we call "Delete()" on the reference, an entirely different
Message, which isn't even a draft message, is moved to the trash.

Similar behavior shows after executing the following code:

FormattedText draftmsgSubject = draftmsg.Subject;
draftmsgSubject.PlainText = "some String";

The subject is changed correctly, but the MessageID changes wildly and
the reference points to a different message again.

Finally we tried a search for the draft message with the ID returned
from the Add with the following code:

string l_Str_Filter = "(BOX_TYPE = DRAFT)";
GroupwareTypeLibrary.MessageList l_O_DraftMessagesList =
for (int l_i_MsgIdx = 1; l_i_MsgIdx <= l_O_DraftMessagesList.Count;
Message l_O_CurMessage = l_O_DraftMessagesList.Item(l_i_MsgIdx);
if (l_O_CurMessage.MessageID.Equals(l_Str_OldMessageI D))
draftmsg = (Mail5)l_O_CurMessage;

But none of the retrieved Draftmessages had the MesssageID returned by
the Add.

We only could reproduce the Behavior with > 60.000 Messages in a folder,
but in such a folder, it can be reproduced reliably.

Is there a way to circumvent this problem or to revconfigure Groupwise
so that this can be avoided? We use the Groupwise Object API of the
8.0.1 Groupwise Client via C#.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards, Martin Schmidt.