Let's say I have a rather large data volume (1.5 TB)

And there's a lot of uh, "stuff" on it.

I use DST to shadow said volume and move say, 70% of it to the shadow (becuase it's old and unused, etc.)

Now I Have a 1.5 TB primary volume with say, 400 GB of actual data on it.

For whatever reason, now let's say I wish to recreate the volume (due to multiple partition/pool expansions)

So, can I just backup the data from the primary to tape, delete the NSS volume/pool/partition.

Then create a new partition/pool/volume (same name of course) and then restore the data?

Obviously when the primary goes "bye-bye" I don't think users can access the shadow volume.

But will it "re-link" to the shadow okay? Or is there more involved?

I guess this could also be a DR type of question (let's say the primary goes poof and you HAVE to restore from tape).