Sad to again see this happening,
another customer of ourse are now taking steps and have started the
planning of dropping Novell.

Novell's total lack of quality in terms of supporting OES either NW or
on Linux from W7 stations (and previous vista) was the nail in the

Sure, MS will probably cost more in a lot of ways, but, autodesk,
adobe,etc points out the problem; "we do not support other servers
than windows" and the "why"...becomes more obvious over time.

So, out with Netware, which in turn will make GW an easy target,
Good Thing then that Zen10 is such a stable product so at least one
Novell product will remain...
( that was intended as irony....just making sure that's clear )

For us, it's sad since this was one of our oldest and largest Novell
installations......We're not loosing them, we will ourselves probably
benefit from the fact that it will be a big case....
Opening SR's again and again, trying new beta's and FTS's again and
again without making anyone more satisfied....thats a dead end...

We, as a reseller was gold reseller, then a silver reseller,
forward...? maybe not a reseller at all....
It feels hard to switch focus, we were a NW shop, but Novell has
driven us to it....meanwhile I always thought it was MS that was the
big threat...