I'm running NW6sp2 BM3.7.1. We have an internal GroupWise server 6.5 and
proxy to our BM server to send to the internet. We can send email to
everybody on the internet EXCEPT anybody@aol.com. We receive email from
AOL fine. I did a trace on the connection from the internal email server
to the BM server. Everything looks good. I see all of the smtp commands
going across the wire. helo, mail from, rcpt to, data, etc. When I put
the sniffer on the public side of the BM server I see the basic
introductory text sent from AOL. 220-rly-xa06.mx.aol.com ESMTP
mail_relay_in-xa6.3 AOL and its affiliated companies blah blah blah. But
then the BM server never responds with a HELO command. Instead I see a
few ACK's,the BM server sends a 220 Service ready, AOL sends a quit, the
BM server sends 221 Service closing transmission channel. I verifyed DNS
and Reverse DNS capability using nslookup. I can send an email to AOL if
I telnet mailin-01.mx.aol.com 25 and key the commands in manually. AOL
has not been very helpful. Hoping somebody else may have seen this
problem. Thanks