Question about deploying remediations as well as baselining

I know in standalone ZPM (6.4.x), when you assigned a deploy to a group, it didn't really assign it to the group, but rather it assigned it to the workstations that were in that group at the time you assigned them (in other words, if there were 30 pc's in GROUPA, THOSE 30 machines get the deploy. If 2 hours after you assigned the deploy, the GROUPA now has 40 machines, the extra 10 don't get the deploy).

Does ZPM also behave this way for deploying remediations? Or is it more like regular old ZEN/Bundle dist. where if you assign something to a group (say for users), that as the members of the group change, they get the appropriate bundles accordingly?

And also, how does this apply to baseline (ie, apply a baseline to GROUP-XYZ that has 10 machines, and AFTER you do the baseline, the group membership changes to say 20 machines, but they're completely diff. than the original 10). Do the "new" 20 machines get the baseline and the original 10 do not?