Sorry if this is duplicated, but I've been searching for my answer in this forum for over a week. A lot of close, but no cigar answers.

I have Bdmgr 3.8 running on netware 6.5
there are several url sites that require authentication, where the user is can't successfully login.
ex: the user gets either Access Denied or Webpage cannot be found. I, myself, can finally get to this sites login and log in successfully, but other users still can't. - I'm not sure what I did, that now makes me successful and still no one else.
My other ex: would be WebList - The Place To Find The Best List On The Web everyone can get to this site, and login, but once in, things either don't display correctly or they don't display at all. If I bypass bdmgr, it works fine.

I have tried putting in an allow rule for the urls, creating port 443 rules and port 80 rules where I specify the urls.

I have also put in the GPO for IE Proxy exceptions these urls.

Still no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.