We're trying to migrate a well-functioning ZfD 7.5 installation of about 150 PCs to ZCM 10.3.0a. All of the client PCs were long-ago imaged using Ghost, and as I mentioned, work fine with ZfD 7.5.

Our problem is that, after deploying the ZCM Pre-Agent, whether it be via the ZCC web GUI, ZfD 7.5, or installing it manually, none of the workstations will register because they all want to use the GUID of an already-existing, registered machine.

We've discovered that we can manually go around to each PC and successfully issue the "zac reg -g https://zcm.server.address" command, which begs the question: Is there a way to automate this command, forcing the use of a new GUID on each client PC before it registers?

I've tried issuing the aforementioned "zac reg -g ..." command as a Post-Deployment command, but that did not work.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can offer.