Good Morning,

I am just starting to get my act together to Mirgrate or Move from ZDM 7.1 to ZCM 10. My goal is to be able to keep Zen 7 up and running on a single Netware Server for our Windows XP workstations while installing ZCM on a different server to start taking over as I start moving new Workstations to Windows 7 next year.

However, I am first faced with completing my file & print server migrations to SLES first, so here is my question:

As I change each of my Netware file and print servers to Linux, I will loose my local (to each of my buildings) Zen 7 imaging capability, which I have also installed on the file and print servers. So I would like to install the Imaging Server and PXE Server services to my Single Netware Zen 7 Server which already houses the Desktop Management Database, Inventory Database, Inventory Server, and Workstation Import/Removal Server.

So, as I started to install the new services (imaging and pxe), I am asked the question: Enter the volume or drive where the inventory and/or remote management software is to be copied. The Default being SYS:\

How do I verify that the location SYS:\ is correct ?

I do have a "zenworks" directory on my SYS volume, but I also have a "ZENworks" directory on my VOL0 volume. The ZENworks directory on the VOL0 has a Database and Reports directory in it, while the zenworks directory on the SYS volume has a Inv, RemMgnt, and zws directories in it.

Can anyone give me a bit of guidance here ?

Thank you,