Setup a dsfw server, all seems to have installed & provisioned fine. I
can have workstations & servers join the domain & users can login, etc.

I do have a few questions/issues however:

1. I keep seeing instructions to browse to \\dsfw.server\sysvol & right
click on the dsfw.domain folder & select properties, then use the DFS
tab & make this PDC active. I cannot find this DFS tab.

2. DNS issues: The dsfw server added my dsfw.domain into my existing
dns, but when I try to ping any server by name from a workstation
that's a member of dsfw.domain, I never know what I'm going to get.
--If I PING SERVER, I get a reply from some address I'm not using
--If I PING SERVER.dns.domain, I get a reply from some address I'm not
--If I PING SERVER.dsfw.domain, the server can't be found.

I have both my primary dns & dsfw dns servers listed on this
workstation & both my dns.domain and dsfw.domain are search domains.

3. Policy issues: I cannot seem to push out policies to the
workstations whether they have the novell client on them or not. I
have a feeling, though, that this is somehow related to my dns issues.

Suggestions? tips?