Keep getting 'bind error 49' on the proxy cache server console screen each
time trying to reload proxy.nlm. Began after having a power outage. Have
rechecked all IP configurations and nothing seems to have changed. Have
pinged the internet, the router IP address, and everything is working fine.
I am running BorderManager 3.6 (with latest service pack) on a Netware 6
server, and am connected to the router via ethernet. Have also attempted
restarting the server a couple times, and even re-stored some of the
files/directories from the ETC folder incase something became corrupted.
Have also followed the TID information from Novell support, but nothing
works. The server running BorderManager also says it is no longer in
Timesync with the Primary Server (only have 2), but Timesync.NLM is
loaded. Any suggestions?