Hi All,

I've been struggling with this problem ever sense ZCM 10.0.

I have a number of field technicians that need access to the images folder on our ZCM servers (to delete files, copy between servers, etc). I've tried three separate methods to accomplish this, and none of them are perfect.

1) I setup a samba share to the /var/opt/novell/zenworks/..../images folder
This works, but I don't have the credentials tied into to eDir, and we can't manipulate files bigger the 4GB

2) I put OES on the box and setup /var/opt/novell/.../images as a NCP volume. This works better, but files uploaded are created as hidden - and now I have the complexity of dealing with ZCM and OES updates working together properly.

3) I use WinSCP to transfer files. This works, but it's not as seamless as a samba or ncp share. It also exposes the linux file system to some people that I just don't want poking around in it.

I've thought of exporting the folder via NFS and mounting it to a server to provide access to it through NCP - making the server into a sort of gateway.

What do you guys do?