Hi All

Attempting to update my primary server to 10.3a, the system-update log shows :
DEBUG;Running Pre-Install Commands;;
DEBUG;Getting content for PRE_INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;Got 2 pre install commands;;
DEBUG;Running command: ${content.0.path};${ZENWORKS_HOME}/bin/${content.0.name};;
DEBUG;Running command: ${content.0.path};${ZENWORKS_HOME}/bin/${content.0.name};;
DEBUG;Getting content for INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;Exception distributing content: Content id 766f3971dbc360044e5cde246933f397 is inaccessible;;
DEBUG;There was a problem getting the content for this update. Make sure that this device has valid content servers configured via closest server rules and that the content replication has occured to this device's content server(s);;

I've searched the web and forums, best thread I found was here :

I tried all the suggestions in that thread and I'm still getting exactly the same error. - This includes such steps as delte the update and redownload, delete the update and download the manual install zip, zac cc on the server and redeploy, various combinations of these steps etc

Clients are accepting the 10.3a update no problems ( I now know I should do the server first, but it's too late for this update)

Tried zman ogp on the content id and sure enough it found nothing. Seems as though I'm either missing a file, or being served a faulty content list or something.

Anyone have any ideas what my next steps should be? It's a 2008 server with the DB on a remote MS-SQL server, running as a guest on VMware, and it's the only server in the zone.