we have a problem with very slow HTTP downloads from a Win2k box
through the Bordermanager reverse proxy.

We have a DMZ with 2 public webservers: 1 Linux box and 1 Win2k box.
Both are accelerated with BM 3.7. The Win2k box has very slow HTTP
download rates (About 50 KB/sec) through the BM proxy, the Linux box
performs well (About 1 MB/sec).

When we connect directly to the Win2k box, it has download rates of
app. 1 MB/sec, it only slows down when the reverse proxy is used.

We re-checked this with another Win2k webserver placed in our private
zone: Without proxy ok, with proxy HTTP-downloads slowed down to app.
50 KB/sec.

The Bordermanager is a 800 MHz P3 with 512 MB RAM, Netware 6 SP4, BM
3.7 SP3, parameters and cache volume configuration set to Novell´s
recommendations, PROXY.CFG is the one from Craigs website. The windows
box is a Win2k SP4 with Apache for Windows 1.3.29.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards