Hi everyone.

I'm having a hard time with NOWS SBE partitioning. I'm trying to have NSS volumes and I'm following a Documentation found on this link Novell Documentation

I've tested creating the linux_lvm with the whole disk (232GB) and then adding it on the EVMS container, and I've also tested with just a chunk of disk (50GB) for the linux_lvm and then adding it up to the EVMS container. Both times, after copying the files, when the server reboots... it reboots into a kernel panic with these 2 lines below before displaying "kernel panic... not sycing .. attempted to kill init".

device-mapper: table: 253:0: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed
Kernel: device-mapper: ioctl error adding target to table

The machine never boots. I've tried with failsafe and it's the same behavior

I tried last night partitioning without EVMS. I created a /boot of 300MB, a /root of 50GB and a swap partition of 5GB, FS EXT3.... thinking the issue was with EVMS partitioning and system devices... since it's all one disk.

I ran into a kernel panic as well. I will post the output... I was frustrated at the moment... :-(

I have an HP Proliant ML 150 G6 with a Smart Array Controller P410i. There is a 250GB RAID 1 array, by hardware. The disk driver is ciss. I have yet to check the module version.

Thanks in advanced