I have found that some of my users are getting failed messages when using a personal group. They can duplicate the problem. They:

1. Create a group (personal)
2. Add users from Global Address book.
3. Send a message to that group.
4. They get back failed to send from the receiver's SMTP server as it is sending them as object ID@internetdomain. These are external users.
5. If they send to them directly (pull from global address book) it works just fine.
6. If run a GWcheck content/fix on the user, it will then update the PAB and they can then send to the group that just failed.

My suspicion is that eventhough they are adding users from Global Address Book, it is pulling from frequent contacts for those users. Assuming this is true (what a bug), then why is the nightly "scheduled event" to run a content/fix on the postoffice not fixing it?

My backend is Windows 2003 and GroupWise 8.0.1 HP.