We came in to work this morning to find that the internet is running slow
again from behind the firewall. I have a machine outside the firewall
that is running for the most part at normal speed.

Running NW6 sp4 and BM 3.7 sp3 with tunup.ncf and the almost all of
Craig's suggestions. We put the latest SP on about 25 days ago. This is
the third time I've seen this happen.

What is in a way funny is that the frist page of a site might come up
just fine and the pages after it are taking about 6-8 minutes to load.

Another sign we see is our Citrix users are telling us that they are
dropping their connection if they are inactive for about 10-15 min.

To test out this issue I first checked the health of the server. Looked
normal. Romote Manager reported everything was good. While I by no means
feel like I know what I'm doing with a filter debug. I ran one anyway and
tried to see is there was anything out of the norm there. It looked fine.
Ok rather I being of limited knowledge could not see anything. I checked
the DNS to see that all the servers are up and running. They were. Then I
did some testing.

first I unloaded the filters. No change
Second I reloaded the filters. No change
third I unloaded the Proxy and the filters. Everything was back to normal.
fourth I reloaded the proxy -cc and reloaded the filters. Back to slow.
I checked my Cache volume:

File system name NW 5 Traditional File Sys.
Loaded name spaces DOS, LONG
Read only Off
Compression status Off
Sub-allocation Off
Purge Immediate on

I checked for Purgable file and saw none. But for grins and giggles I
deleted purgable files. Speed returned to normal.

Anybody have any Ideas.