GroupWise 8.01 HP1 . . .

There seems to be some bugginess with Posted Appointments.

If I create an entry and select "All Day Event", select two or more days,
and Post the Event . . . if I then double-click on any of the days (other than
the first day) the groupwise client hangs / crashes. When I go back
into the Calendar, the Events have now shifted to the day clicked on as
being the 'first' day, also the "All Day Event" box is now deselected.

If I double-click on the first day (after creating the event) everything will
continue to work ok. (I can even double-click on the second day without
a problem). If I right-click and select "open" on the second day (after
first creating the entires) this also works ok and continues to work ok.
It only happens when I double-click on the second (or a later day) after
first creating the event. (If I double-click on the second day, after its
hung / crashed and shifted its days, it'll hang a second time and shift
the events to the new 'first' day -- until I double-click on the first day
or, at least, right-click and open the second day.)