Has anyone tried to manually export content to satellite servers? I can't seem to get it to work and wondering if anyone else has had any luck. Environment is 1 primary server (sles 10sp3 running zcm 10.3), 4 satellite servers (sles 10sp3 with oes2 sp2) and 1 windows proxy (winxpsp3 pc). When the environment was first built, it wasn't built with having the oes2 servers in mind as a satellite servers, so the ext3 partition is only 40gb and then the rest is NSS (250gb or so) Now since i can't put the content-repo on NSS, i can't put it on the existing ext3 partition as there is only 18GB available and don't want to fill up and crash the server. So coming up with different workarounds and ideas to try, we came up with trying to use an external USB drive and create a symbolic link to the content-repo directory as per novell doc for "Changing the Location of the Content Repository on a Linux Server" That part seemed to work ok. The next issue was, ok, lets try to do the offline content syncronization by using the zman ssec command to export to a usb drive, and then i was going to import to the satellite servers (which would all have an external usb drive for content-repo via sym link) So i enter the command: zman ssec "Devices/Servers/satellites/main-oes" which prompts me for a un / pw, i enter the proper credentials and then i get the following error:

Error: The device "Devices/Servers/satellites/main-oes" does not exist. Error: 200

I get this error no matter which satellite server i try. I tried moving them back to the root "Servers" directory, and didn't make a difference. So i'm hoping someone out there might have some suggestions as to what i can try to get around this situation.

Thanks in advance..