Netware 6.5 SP7
eDir 8.8 SP5
DS ver. 20501.00
named.nlm ver. 6.06.03

We have two dns servers in our tree, dns01nw and dns02nw. Both were on very old hardware. Recently got a new server to replace one of them, we decided to rebuild dns02nw. I removed the replicas from dns02, then removed it from the tree. The I built the new dns02nw server and added into the tree into the same container were the old one was. I installed DNS/DHCP services during the netware install. Added dns02nw as a passive primary to all our DNS zones int the Management console (after adding a DNS server pointed to the new dns02nw). Everything seemed to be working OK, but when I try doing a 'nslookup' on the new dns02nw for any address outside our local domain, I get "can't find server failed". if I nslookup a domain inside our local domain it returns fine. Using nslookup on the old dns01nw server works fine. Both servers are set up to forward to our two external DNS servers.

I have been through all the settings and config files that I can think of, they are identical between the two servers. The only oddity is in the DNS/DHCP Management Console, dns01nw server has two additional tabs "control lists" and "advanced", dns02nw server doesn't have these tabs.

Anybody seen this before, or hopefully can point out that I missed an obvious step?