Hi all,
Hope you might have some insight into this one for me...

We have a Personal Assistant to the Principal. She manages all appointments in the Principal's Calendar (by proxying to Principal's GW8 account).

Here are the steps to replicate:

(Proxied to Principal Account)
1. Create new Appointment
2. Invite other staff members to appointment
3. Staff members accept/decline (with or without comments)
4. Staff Response generates an auto-email upon Accept/Decline, which is sent back to Principal's account.

The PA would like to be able to receive these responses in her account, so she can keep track of who is and who isn't planing on attending the meetings. The word 'declined' in the subject seems to be the only defining thing I can build a rule on. That's not really narrow enough (other 'real' email could also contain that word).

Looking at each appointment's properties to check accept/decline reponses isn't suitable for hundreds of appointments.

Has anyone come across this, how have you dealt with it? I'm open to suggestions.

(BTW, this is also another 'when I used outlook I could do it this way ....' situation.)