I have an issue with Teaming 2.1 when trying to use the 'Edit' option for an attached file, when looking at a file folder entry. I am prompted for my Teaming username and password and then the file is opened, but it is 'Read Only' and not 'Read Write'.

Steps taken -

  • Open an entry in a file folder and click the 'Edit' link (user has 'participant' rights to the file folder)
  • The application associated to the file type (Excel or Winword in our case) opens
  • A 'Transferring File' dialogue opens showing part of the url for the file (too long to show it all!)
  • Login dialogue appears 'Connect to ....' showing the correct domain for Teaming
  • User enters their Teaming username and password
  • Requested file opens, but is 'Read Only' when it should be read write.
  • This affects both the 'admin' user and a 'standard' user
  • If I select the 'download' option, I am not prompted for a password, the file opens, but is still in read only mode.

Our Teaming system has three servers -

  • server1 - Teaming application runs on this server, and is the one users interact with directly through their browser
  • server2 - MYSQL database
  • server3 - Lucence indexer and filerepository.

There is an NFS mount from the server1 to server3.

All three servers have a 'teaming' user and 'teamingusers' group, with the same ID number and passwords. It is those specified as the Teaming user and group during installation.

Logged into server1 as the user 'teaming', I can navigate the file system from server1, through the mount point to server3, to the 'filerepository' folder on server3 and the folder that contains the file I am trying to open. I have read/write access to that folder and can create, edit and delete text files without a problem.

Any ideas?