We are running BM 3.8/NW 6.5 and there seems to be an issue with some
workstations that conenct to a web site running a Citrix MetaFrame
server. You install the Citrix web client on the machine you want to
use. You can authenticate to the site, but when you try to open your
application you get a connecting box and then an error saying "there is no
Citrix SSL server configured on the specified address". Unloading filtsrv
(no packet filtering) does not make a difference. All machines are
configured to use the BM box as a proxy to get out to the net (transparent
proxy is off - the machines trying to access are on dymanic NAT with no
specific public IP mapping) and we are using static and dynamic NAT. I
tried playing with the generic proxy settings to allow 1494/TCP and other
common ports that citrix uses to no avail. Has anybody seen this issue
and may have ideas on what has to be done to allow the web client to
work? I know the application opens up via the web client when we connect
via a cable modem setup. Based on that the problem may be with the way
the BM box is configured.