Pulled hair out on this one... fresh install of OES2/dsfw, namcd wouldn't load. /var/log/mesages looked lke:

May 27 13:34:00 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: Starting namcd..
May 27 13:34:00 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: namcd populating the user hash tables
May 27 13:34:00 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: User profile file cannot be opened/does not exist
May 27 13:34:00 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: Failed to populate user hash tables from file, namcd populating the hash tables from eDir
May 27 13:34:04 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: ldap_initconn: LDAP bind failed (error = [49]), trying to connect to alternative LDAP server
May 27 13:34:04 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: Unknown error returned reading configuration parameter: alternative-ldap-server-list
May 27 13:34:04 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: _nds_nss_struct_init: Error [226] in _nds_ldap_private_struct_init.
May 27 13:34:04 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: Problem in namcd initialization, exiting...

May 27 13:34:06 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: Deleted hash tables and flushed data into local files
May 27 13:34:06 myserver /usr/sbin/namcd[6371]: Deinitialized threads
Tried alternate ldap servers, various combinations. Verified with other tools that ldap was in fact functioning, ssl certs were all valid and in the right place, etc.


My nam.conf contained the following:
The problem was either the exclamation point, the at-sign, or the pound sign. Changed the password to "password123" (and also on the eDir user object) and namcd started right up, happy as a (insert your own trite phrase here).