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We are experiencing a problem with a server running NW 6.5 sp8 abending about 20 to 30 into a particular BackupExec 9.2 job that runs at the same time ,3 times a week. This machine has 1 gig of memory, has just had a new install of the OS and is only used as a Backup Exec media server. We have changed the memory to try to eliminate that from the mix. We have searched the Web and the support groups and can't seem to find anything that is helpful. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what is on the screen after abend:
(let me know if you need any other information)
************************************************** ***********************************
Abend on 00 Double Fault Processor Exception (error code 00000000)
OS ver, Novell Netware 5.70.08 Oct. 3 2008

Debug symbols are enabled!
Running Process: BE_Work06_96dd8120 Process
Stack Dump Exceeded The Valid Memory Limit

Additional Info:
The CPU Encountered A Problem Executing Code In COMN.NSS.
The Problem May Be In That Module Or In Data Passed To That Module BY A Process Owned By

************************************************** ***********************************
Below is the first part of the abend log. When I tried to include the entire log, a message told me that it was too long (61162 characters) and that I needed to shorten it to 10000 characters. This seems strange since I've seen entire logs posted before. Let me know if I should make separate posts with the rest of the log broken up into segments.

************************************************** ***********************************
Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
PVER: 6.50.08

Server BACKUP halted Wednesday, May 26, 2010 6:33:30.410 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.08: Double Fault Processor Exception (Error code 00000000)

CS = 0008 DS = 0023 ES = 0023 FS = 0023 GS = 0023 SS = 0010
EAX = 9AAF9FF0 EBX = 00000004 ECX = 9B3C8E00 EDX = 00082807
EIP = 865A8CF5 FLAGS = 00010292
865A8CF5 50 PUSH EAX
EIP in COMN.NSS at code start +0000CCF5h

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
865A8CF5 50 PUSH EAX
865A8CF6 6A00 PUSH 00
865A8CF8 8D45E0 LEA EAX, [EBP-20]
865A8CFC 8B5514 MOV EDX, [EBP+14]
865A8D00 8B4D10 MOV ECX, [EBP+10]
865A8D03 51 PUSH ECX
865A8D04 8B450C MOV EAX, [EBP+0C]
865A8D07 50 PUSH EAX

Running process: BE_Wrk06_96dd8120 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: BESRVR.NLM
Stack pointer: 9AAFB92C
OS Stack limit: 9AAFAF20
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 3030070 Yielded CPU
Stack dump exceeded the valid memory limit

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in COMN.NSS. The problem may be in that

module or in data passed to that module by a process owned by BESRVR.NLM.

Loaded Modules:
BECLIENT.NLM Backup Exec - Administration Console
Version 9.20 January 11, 2006
Code Address: 9B29E000h Length: 000D93D9h
Data Address: 9AC71000h Length: 00047AE0h
BESRVR.NLM Backup Exec - Job Server
Version 9.20 March 8, 2007
Code Address: 9AE0F000h Length: 00126623h
Data Address: 96CF0000h Length: 0004FB70h
BEPSVR.NLM Backup Exec - NCPE Server
Version 9.20 March 8, 2007
Code Address: 9A74A000h Length: 000DE454h
Data Address: 96BC8000h Length: 00036470h
TNRLTCP.NLM Backup Exec - Peer TCP Support
Version 9.20 November 29, 2006
Code Address: 8D029000h Length: 00002AE7h
Data Address: 8D02D000h Length: 00001100h
TNRLSPX.NLM Backup Exec - Peer SPX Support
Version 9.20 November 29, 2006
Code Address: 8D025000h Length: 000021A5h
Data Address: 8D013000h Length: 00000940h
HPDLTLDR.NLM Backup Exec - HP DLT Library Target Handler
Version 7.50 November 8, 2004
Code Address: 8D017000h Length: 00004DA3h
Data Address: 8CF8D000h Length: 00000048h
NDMPD.NLM Backup Exec NDMP Server Module
Version 9.20 November 29, 2006
Code Address: 90D11000h Length: 0005E633h
Data Address: 90C41000h Length: 000192F0h
AD_ASPI.NLM Backup Exec ASPI Device Driver for NetWare
Version 7.50 September 25, 2006
Code Address: 8F4E9000h Length: 000141B8h
Data Address: 8F512000h Length: 0000910Fh
NRLTLI.NLM Backup Exec - Remote Workstation Backup Software
Version 9.20 November 29, 2006
Code Address: 8C27B000h Length: 0000240Fh
Data Address: 89197000h Length: 00000BE0h
B2D.NLM Symantec Backup To Disk Device Driver
Version 7.50 August 10, 2005
Code Address: 8C244000h Length: 00005A1Fh
Data Address: 8C24E000h Length: 00004C30h
BKUPEXEC.NLM Backup Exec SureStart
Version 9.20 November 29, 2006
Code Address: 8EEDD000h Length: 0001D57Ch
Data Address: 8F093000h Length: 00013040h
NWCONFIG.NLM NetWare Configuration Utility
Version 4.10 February 11, 2008
Code Address: 90C75000h Length: 00099C44h
Data Address: 9CB0A000h Length: 0000D330h
NWI.NLM NetWare Install (NWI) Module
Version 2.51 February 11, 2008
Code Address: 8D0AB000h Length: 00004DDBh
Data Address: 909F0000h Length: 00002714h
MONITOR.NLM NetWare Console Monitor
Version 12.02.02 April 4, 2006
Code Address: 9CA1D000h Length: 00022BEFh
Data Address: 9C898000h Length: 00005F15h
NWSNUT.NLM NetWare NLM Utility User Interface
Version 7.00.01 July 11, 2008
Code Address: 9CA03000h Length: 000134EBh
Data Address: 9CA19000h Length: 00000790h
NWNATIVE.NLM Native Method Implementations for Java Beans
Version 1.00.01 October 7, 1998
Code Address: 96149000h Length: 00003778h
Data Address: 8E1AB000h Length: 00000398h
JNCPV2.NLM Native Wrapper Java Class Libraries for NetWare
Version 1.10 July 12, 2000
Code Address: 9C085000h Length: 00020A12h
Data Address: 960C2000h Length: 0000261Ch
RMI.NLM Java rmi (based on 1.4.2_18)
Version 1.43 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 8935E000h Length: 000001DEh
Data Address: 89362000h Length: 00000030h
XSETBG.NLM Java - X11 Image Loading utility Build 081016
Version 6.01 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 9A441000h Length: 0002F6D0h
Data Address: 9A472000h Length: 0005C13Ch
TSANDS.NLM TSA for Novell eDirectory 7.x, 8.x
Version 10551.71 July 19, 2005
Code Address: 99F1A000h Length: 000125DCh
Data Address: 94A56000h Length: 00001410h
ICEWM.NLM IceWM Dynamic Library for NetWare
Version 3.01.02 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 973BC000h Length: 0006D449h
Data Address: 99BED000h Length: 00019358h
SETBG.NLM Java - X Window Set Background Frontend Build 081016
Version 1.01 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 949DB000h Length: 00002330h
Data Address: 93C35000h Length: 000006FCh
XSELPROXY.NL Java - X Selection proxy utility Build 081016
Version 1.01 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 9446C000h Length: 00001390h
Data Address: 9446F000h Length: 000003E4h
XVESA.NLM Java - XFree86 4.2.0 Kdrive VESA XServer Build 081016
Version 5.01.02 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 97A22000h Length: 001201B0h
Data Address: 97B44000h Length: 000303E4h
UIMON.NLM UIMON, User interface monitor Build 081016
Version 1.03 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 8A2F6000h Length: 00007690h
Data Address: 974B4000h Length: 00010E38h
MATHLIB.NLM NetWare Math Library Auto-Load Stub
Version 4.21 October 14, 1999
Code Address: 84AE9000h Length: 0000000Ah
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
Global Code Address: 84D4A000h Length: 00001000h
XIDEV.NLM Java - X Window Input Driver Build 081016
Version 1.02 October 16, 2008
Code Address: 84E29000h Length: 00004470h
Data Address: 84E2F000h Length: 00001B64h
DBNET6.NLM Debug Network IO Support
Version 1.45.02 March 16, 2006
Code Address: 97094000h Length: 0001B831h
Data Address: 970B1000h Length: 000127B8h
IPMCFG.NLM Web Interface for IP Address Management
Version 1.01.16 October 22, 2005
Code Address: 97042000h Length: 0000A479h
Data Address: 9704E000h Length: 0000B610h
NIRMAN.NLM TCPIP - NetWare Internetworking Remote Manager
Version 1.06.04 September 18, 2007
Code Address: 90E3D000h Length: 00060760h
Data Address: 96FBE000h Length: 00018FCAh
TCPSTATS.NLM Web Interface for Protocol Monitoring
Version 6.50.10 June 20, 2003
Code Address: 96EA0000h Length: 0000E5ECh
Data Address: 949A9000h Length: 00005460h
NLSADPT2.NLM NLS and Metering adapter for iManager 2.0 plugin
Version 2.00 September 9, 2003
Code Address: 9499B000h Length: 0000665Dh
Data Address: 943E6000h Length: 00000E7Dh
NLSLRUP.NLM NLS - Usage Metering
Version 4.01.07 May 10, 2005
Code Address: 96E51000h Length: 0003BA0Ah
Data Address: 96E8E000h Length: 00010AE0h
HWDETECT.NLM Novell Hardware Insertion/Removal Detection
Version 1.19.05 February 20, 2003
Code Address: 9438C000h Length: 00002B33h
Data Address: 94390000h Length: 00000D3Ch

Thanks for your consideration,