Hi all,

i've got sometimes a very strange problem with my gw 8.0.1 at work.

the client crash/close without any error messages.

when i reopen it it only says that gw unexpectedly closed was
and whether i want to load my last started mail...

it appears immediately after i click on the send button
when gw want to put the signature in the mail before sending it.

i notice that it appears always when i want sending a mail with one or more attachements.

sometimes gw close itself also when i just wanna open a mail with or without attachements.

my os is xp with sp2.

are there some special system services needed to run for gw? i 've deactivated some but maybe this is the reason for my problem - unfortunately i don't know it.

the same are on the 8.0 version...

i hope that anybody could help me because i'am the only one
in my company with this problem and it is really bad when u have
to send a mail 5 times until it was really sended...