We are trying to authenticate via 802.1x wirelessly through a Radius server. We have this working perfectly for winXP. It is not functional for windows 7.

The specifics of the error are:

  • Windows 7 wireless configuration works wonderfully until we install the Novell Client 2 SP 1 on the 7 machine
  • When we try to do anything related to wireless configurations we get:
    "An error has occured" and refuses to save any wireless configuration.
  • Any time we try to play with wireless configs from there on out, we get the aforementioned error
  • If we uninstall the client we can then change wireless configs again.
  • We get the ubiquitous "RPC error", but that is due to lack of connectivity
  • In the eventviewer we see: "Explicit Eap Failure received"
  • We are not using any certificates
  • the Wired auto-config service is started and running
  • I have tried everything in the Novell Client Administration guide

Has anyone ever seen this?
If you have how do you solve this?
How did you set up/install your novell client that you got it to work with win7, radius and wireless 802.1x?

Thank you ahead of time for any ideas or advice given!