Greetings, migrating from NetWare to OES2/Linux, still in testing, before I
can consider going live I need a replacement for the a.v. Currently am
using SAV CE with a Windows machine as the primary server, NetWare boxes at
each site as secondary servers, and Windows clients under the NetWare
boxes - so the Windows clients receive all their a.v. updates and
configuration info from the secondary servers, and the secondary servers
receive theirs from the primary. Am looking for something similar in the
soon to be OES2/Linux world (so replace in the above to read SLES boxes at
each site).

Any product suggestions?

I looked at SEP from Symantec (the logical upgrade from my current product),
but their Linux support seems to be restricted to a separate product
(although included in the SEP licensing), and the separate product does not
integrate into the management console, so you have to remote over to that
SLES box to do any management. Think the a.v. updates can be pulled from
internal machines though.

How about Sophos? Looks like it supports Linux as part of the management
structure. Anybody using this to cover their SLES boxes, Windows
workstations and servers?

Any other product?

Thanks in advance