I have an XP Box set up for Content Distribution and ran out of room on the system drive. So I figured out how to move it to a new drive.

Stop all ZCM services and processes on the workstation.

Copy the c:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks folder the new drive.

Run regfind y c:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks r %NewDrive%:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks

Reboot workstation

Delete c:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks

Run zac ref


Then you will see the Satellite menu in the Zenworks Adaptive Agent

You can then do a zac cchk to validate or a zac cvc to compare.

You can also save space by excluding all patches then selecting the most recent releases, you can also delete patches and software for OS and architecture's that you do not support. I shrank our Satellite servers from 25 Gig to 9 Gig.

Good Luck