I raised an SR with Novell about the LDAP issue a few weeks ago and they gave me the 7003298 fix then, so I may be a bit ahead of other people.

Since updating the files I've had the following issues.

I can add multiple users to an AD group associated to a bundle, wait 15 minutes for good measure, refresh the PC's and some will get the bundle, some won't. Checking the group through ZCC shows that all the users are there. The bundle will finally show up hours later on these PC's if the users have the patience to keep refreshing.

But it then gets weirder, I can add one of the users who had a successful bundle deployment before to another group and they will then get the same problem. Add a different successful user to another bundle via AD group and things still work. Add them to another group and then it stops working.

Once a user association via AD group has failed to successfully refresh on any bundle, then no other addition will refresh either.
This holds true even if the user logs onto another PC.

It's almost as if the server decides to lock out users and PC's after they've performed an arbitrary number of refreshes.

Has anyone else observed this behaviour or know of a fix, before I raise another SR.