I know this subject has been touched on before, but I still need some help I'm afraid, and I'm hoping someone in the forum can provide it.

We have two networks, staff and student. On the staff side we have set up server referral lists and that's working fine, in that PCs with the ZfD 7 imaging agent get referred and others go with ZCM.

On the student side we are still fully ZfD. The problem I have is if I need to switch between networks. Say I want to re-image the PC as a Zen 7 machine on the staff network, I would like it to get referred automatically to ZfD. This isn't happening. I assumed that as the PC would in this situation already have the ZfD 7 agent on it it would automatically get referred, but this doesn't happen. Can someone explain why this is, and more significantly how I can get round it?

In case it's relevant we have Windows XP SP3 workstations.

Colette Monaghan