I installed Virtual Box on my laptop and installed a couple of OES Linux servers for testing and breaking stuff. One thing I wanted to mess around with was NSS on Linux. When I installed the servers, I didn't realize that you need EVMS instead of LVM(or whatever SLES uses by default) to be able to create NSS volumes.

I followed this doc to convert over to EVMS for device management: Novell Documentation

Of course, I've killed the test box. It doesn't seem to want to load up the ext3 volumes when I went through the process of changing /dev/disk/by-id/lotsoftext to /dev/evms/by-id/lotsoftext. I created the /dev/evms directory but the actual device files don't exist. I was sort of hoping they would be created on the fly.

Any ideas where I went wrong? The documentation is assuming physical disks(/dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc..) so I'm thinking the virtual box disks are a variable that are messing the process up.