Hi guys,

Apologies if someone's already asked this question, I've had a look but I can't see any info. What are the pluses and minuses of the Microsoft and Novell imaging solutions and which would you recommend?

We've had ZCM for a bit over a year now but are only now looking at imaging. We've historically used Ghost but we want to start automatically pushing out images - I know Zenworks will now work with Ghost but that would cost us money.

We're on 10.3 on Windows 2003 Servers and XP Workstations. There is talk about Windows 7 but no definite plans. We have mostly Dell PCs, for the past 6+ years we've been buying Dell exclusively (except for last year), so we have 270s, 280s, 520s, 745s, 755s, 760s, 780s, and Fijitsu Esprimos we also have Dell Laptops but they are never seen. can turn PXE on remotely on the Dells which is good because it would be impossible to go around to all the offices and Wards across the hospital.