We have GroupWise 8.01 installed on our network (Two MTAs, One POA,
Two GWIAs, One WebAccess) . . . we've been attempting to resolve some
hangs and crashes with the GW Client by going to the HP1 release--and
have recently had a little more success with a 90070 build of the Client.

We're slated for Monday to update our network Agents to the HP1 versions,
but I now noticed the recent release of the Public beta.

So . . . does it make any sense updating our network Agents to HP1, or to the
Public beta . . . or is it advisable to remain with the 8.01 Agents and maybe
only try working with the beta Clients until the next Full SP release? [Our Agents
have been largely stable, but I don't know if going to a later (HP1 or beta)
Client requires updates to the Agents to be fully effective.]