Is there a way to use the lite touch installations using the deploymentshare? I want to do this so that I can follow the MS deployment docs for adding drivers and using the unattended installs without having to rebuild images. Has anyone thought of or tried this?

I found that I actually could do this by moving <deploymentshare>\ Boot\Lite_TouchPE_x86.wim to c:\program files\windows aik\tools\petools\x86\

Then upload Lite_Touch_x86.wim form that location so that the ZCM winpe.wim uploader can find the other files it wants.

Then rename Lite_Touch_x86.wim to win winpe.wim in %progfiles%\novell\zenworks\share\tftp\boot\

the only problem is that I cant set any zisdata like "justimaged=true"

anyone? I would really like to use the official MS deployment stuff the way it's meant to be used.